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Under the guidance of Hengli’s era view of “Do as the Time”, Hengli Group firmly implements the development strategy of enterprises transformation&upgrade and “the whole industrial chain”. In 2010, Hengli enters the petrochemical industry, and invests in the construction of Hengli Petrochmical (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park.
Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park refreshes many records among the same industry in the world, and was awarded the first national green factory. The annual production of PTA reaches 6.6 million tons. It adopts the international advanced technology from Invista of USA which has the features of “large investment scale, strong production capacity, high level of technology, and low energy consumption”.
Facing the new international situation and the development trend of the industry, Hengli Group adheres to stride towards the upstream of the industry chain, and has launched the 20 million tons/year refining-chemical integration project, as well as the 1.5 million tons/year ethylene project. On August 8, 2014, the state council (guofa [2014] No.28) document explicitly stated that it supports Hengli refining-chemical integration project. President Chen Jianhua attends work personally, takes the lead, focuses on details, and grasps the implementation to ensure solid progress in project construction, trying to create the world’s safest, the most environmentally friendly, and ecological refining and chemical integration demonstration park.


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